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Welcome to Best Kosher Wedding Venues

The perfect Jewish wedding at TheArtFactory with custom décor, knowledgeable creative team and the finest Kosher and Glatt-Kosher caterers.
“Best venue ever! We got married 3 years ago and people still talk about how great our wedding at Art Factory was.” Ariane Mandel
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Kosher Wedding Chuppah

TheArtFactory chuppah on the top floor for the your exceptional wedding ceremony. Authentic birch tree structure sacred space showered in natural light coming down from the skylight large above. It symbolizes their new home together, and is said to be open as was the tent of Abraham and Sarah, who were always ready to receive visitors. The chuppah would be custom decorated matching the overall wedding décor.

It's important that your wedding reception facility provides the right environment in which to celebrate the joy of your Jewish wedding. Before you run around all over town looking for the perfect venue for your Jewish wedding visit TheArtFactory for custom decor, great options for your Badeken backdrop and Gorgeous birch chuppah! Wedding planning is included in your package. You'll perfect wedding location for your Jewish wedding here. We will be happy to accommodate for other occasions as well.

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Kosher Wedding Badeken

Just prior to the actual kosher wedding ceremony, which takes place under the chuppah, the bridegroom, accompanied by his parents, the Rabbi, and other dignitaries, and amidst joyous singing of his friends, covers the bride's face with a veil. At this point, it is traditional for the Rabbi to pronounce a blessing upon the couple. The bride wears this veil until the conclusion of the chuppah ceremony

Kosher Wedding Tische

TheArtFactory offers multiple indoor - outdoor kosher wedding options for groom's tish, a custom Jewish Wedding tradition, when groom attempts to present a lecture on the week's Torah portion.



Both of the groom's parents walk him down the aisle to the chuppah, the altar beneath which the couple exchanges vows. Then the bride and her parents follow.

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Mazel Tov!

Time to shout, "Mazel Tov!" and start partying. Mazel Tov is used like "congratulations," but literally means "good fortune," which is a lovely wish for a new couple at the end of a Jewish wedding ceremony. Perfect Jewish wedding reception at TheArtFactory specious lofts and giant dance floor to celebrate.